A research project, that tries to increase the "fun" factor in touch interactions. We wanted to know, why certain interactions are more enjoyable than others.
We developed some prototypes, where the user has to set the time right, through different and uncommon interactions. The prototypes were also designed to have different visual presentations. A skeuomorph design, a minimalistic design and a futuristic style. The background changes its gradient according to the sun at each hour at daytime.
The users reviews were very different. Most users liked the interactions they already knew most.
It was surprising to see, that the prototypes with the futuristic design were mostly well received. Despite the same interaction as in the other styles, the futuristic design produced the most "fun" in an interaction, mostly because the users only know this style from movies or tv shows and were happy to see something similar in real life.
The project is from my B.A. Studies at University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd, in collaboration with Johannes Preibisch.
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