A System for measuring, visualizing and analyzing emotions in everyday life. And also my Masters Thesis.
The requirements of todays competitive society challenge us to always be outstanding. The pressure and stress from those requirements leads us to psychological diseases like Burnout-Syndrom or Depression.
Goal of the project is, to help people gaining an overview of their life and their emotions. Reflecting your mood and emotions helps to redevelop your self-awareness.
Measuring your physiological data allows you to visualize your emotion.
A wristband and a ring measure your emotions, based on valence (pleasant - unpleasant) and arousal (activation - deactivation). The emotions are visualized in a circumplex model.
Additional your mood can be visualized as Valence from very unpleasant (1) to very pleasant (10). Also your Activity from low physical activity (1) to very much physical activity (10) is measured casually.
Sentimus is a web application that visualizes your measured emotions. The displayed data is also analyzed and explained in easy to understand information graphics. The system suggests techniques to improve your mood overall or at specific stressfull situations.
Additionally to the digital service, the idea is to get a reward for using sentimus. After a year of use, the user can get his data, visually presented, in printable form. With this, the user gains feedback about his process.
Sentimus is my Masters Thesis for the University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd. It includes the written Thesis, which can be asked for via E-Mail:   beehmathias@gmail.com . Unfortunately the Thesis is written in German.
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