Burda Bootcamp is a startup lab by Hubert Burda Media, one of the largest media companies in Europe. They run programs like Summer School where young entrepreneurs-to-be with technical background develop new ideas from scratch and bring them to the MVP status within two weeks. 
To support early-stage innovation, they run diverse tech events: Burda HackdayNano HacksCTO Battle and tech and startup meetups.
Within my time as an Interactiondesigner at Burda, I Co-founded two Startups. I was responsible for designthinking, branding and Visual & Interactiondesing for both of them.

TRVLMIND is a digital traveling diary. You can mark your journey on an interactive map and combine it with pictures and texts. With the application you can easily create your own travel blog.
You can create your diary with an application on your phone or desktop and share it with your friends. At the end of your journey you can order your diary as a printed booklet.
The other members of TRVLMIND were Michael Strommer, Rashmi Sharma, Anton Huck, Alessa Kästner and Felicitas Emmerich. 
Website: trvlmind.com  
Application: app.trvlmind.com  
Es war ein Mahl is an application that teaches children healthy cooking, by creating an experience of cooking recipes with their parents along the story of a fairytale.
With gamification the iPad Application teaches about healthy food and nutrition. The children, together with one or two parents, play through different Adventures in magical worlds and gain ingredients and information how to process the food. While playing the Application, the children prepare the meals in real time. At the end of an adventure, the family has cooked a whole meal together and the children have gained new knowledge about their nutrition and cooking skills.
The other members of Es war ein Mahl were Felix Geiser, Matthias Dworak, Annabell Lauble, Constanze Mayer, Shui Zhong, Hannah Walter and Daniel Perssonning.

Unfortunately both Start Ups didn't find an investor to keep on running.
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