Open Publishing
A software for digital publishing is the main service of Open Publishing GmbH. Redesigning their User Interface and improving the User Experience of this service, was my main task during my time as a Visual & Interactiondesigner there.
Interaction Design / Visual Design
Green Drive / greenskin
What if cars were covered in plants? Green drive/Green skin is a speculative design project, dealing with a scenario for future mobility. The concept was later developed to a working car protoype by the Daimler AG subsidiary moovel lab GmbH.
Speculative Design
A system to visualize and analyse human emotions in everyday life. Sentimus is an application that can measure peoples wellbeing and help them keeping track of and improving their life. The project is my Masters Thesis.
Interaction Design / Speculative design
Burda Bootcamp / Startups
During Burda Bootcamp I was able to be part of founding two Start ups. TRVLMIND is a digital travel journey. Es war ein Mahl is an application to create a cooking experience for parents with their children, by following a fairytale.
UX/UI Design / Visual Design
Improving Interactions
A research project, that tries to increase the „fun“ factor in touch interactions. We wanted to know, why certain interactions are more enjoyable than others. It is an application that uses different interactions to set the time on a touchscreen.
Research / Interaction Design
Drone Mapping System
Bachelor thesis about how to use drones after natural disasters. The software plans the flights of drones, to take photos of disaster areas and generate updated maps. After the drone flight you can the map material to find efficiant and fast ways of helping.
Interaction Design